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Board of Equalization

Appealing your valuation to the County Board of Equalization

Should you contact the County Assessor’s Office first?

Yes, you are encouraged to contact the County Assessor’s Office to review your revaluation any time you have a question regarding your property value. Property owners can often settle disagreements at this level without continuing the appeal process. If, after talking with the Assessor’s Office staff, you feel that you need to continue the process, you need to timely file a petition with the Ferry County Board of Equalization.

Where can I get an appeal form?

An appeal form can be obtained by clicking on this link to the Dept. of Revenue or by contacting the Clerk of the Board of Equalization, Amanda Rowton. You can call her at (509) 775-5225 ext. 2508, email her, or you can write to her at:

Ferry County Board of Equalization
290 E Tessie Ave
Republic, WA 99166

The link to the Ferry County Board of Equalization Web Page

When is the deadline for filing?

The deadline for filing is either July 1st of the assessment year or within 30 days of when the change of value notice was mailed by the Assessor’s Office, whichever date is later. If you mail your petition, it must be postmarked by midnight of the deadline.

When do I receive a Change of Value Notice?

The County Assessor will send a notice when the appraised value of your property changes. The County Assessor is required to value real property at least every four years. Ferry County is on a four year cycle. After determining the value, the Assessor will mail a Change of Value Notice. The notice will indicate the appraised value of land and improvements. It will also state the date the notice was mailed. You can checkout the page called Revaluation Areas on this web site to find out what year you will be sent a notice for your property.

When will I have a hearing?

The Clerk of the Ferry County Board of Equalization will notify you of the location, date, and time of your scheduled hearing.

For further information, contact the Ferry County Assessor’s office or the Clerk of the Ferry County Board of Equalization

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