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Current Use Farm & Ag

This program is intended for lands that produce commercial agricultural products.

The Assessor's office is the granting authority with regard to administering current use agricultural lands under RCW 84.34. This allows the valuing of farm and agricultural land on a reduced rate.

continuing upon transfer

The Ferry County Assessor's office will not sign a notice of continuance on any transfer of property that is currently in the program until the Assessor has had the opportunity to determine the property's qualifications for continuing such classification. The grantee will be required to supply all pertinent data requested by the Assessor to continue eligibility.

applying for the program

Owners of land that may qualify for this classification have until December 31st of each year to apply. The application fee is $150.00 (updated fees as of January 1, 2018). If the application is approved, the land will be re-classified the following year, which would affect the property taxes the year after that. An example would be, if an application was filed in 2018 and approved in 2019, the assessment would be affected for 2019, taxes payable in 2020.

Tax liability

If for any reason the use of the land changes so that it no longer qualifies for the classification, the Assessor shall impose an additional tax equal to the difference between the tax paid on the current use value and the tax that would have been paid on that land had it not been so classified, payable for the 7 years past (if the land had been in the program that long), plus interest on the additional tax at the same rate as charged on delinquent property taxes. A penalty of 20 percent of this amount is applied to properties in the classification less than 10 years who have not filed a notice of withdrawal 2 years prior to the change in use.

farm and agricultural land is defined as either:

1. Any parcel of land that is twenty or more acres or multiple parcels of land that are contiguous and total twenty or more acres and are:

2. Any parcel of land that is five acres or more but less than twenty acres devoted primarily to agricultural uses equivalent to:

3. Any parcel of land of less than five acres devoted primarily to agricultural uses which has produced a gross income of:

4. Farm and Agricultural land also includes:

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