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Parcel Layer Shapefile

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Forms and Publications


This Microsoft Word document is an index of most Department of Revenue Property Tax forms used in the Assessor's office. Use the Ctrl F (Find) feature and a key word to find the exact form you are looking for. Click on the Form Number and the most current department form opens up for you to use.

2017 Index for Department of Revenue Forms


All of the forms, applications and publications located below are in pdf format. If you do not have a software program that can open and read them, click on the link in the sidebar to the right for the free adobe reader.

Up-to-date Property Tax Applications, Forms and Publications from the Department of Revenue

Quick links



Home Owner's Guide to Property Taxes


Destroyed Property

Destroyed Property Form


Appealing Your Values

Appealing Your Property Assessment to the BOE, publication

Petition to Appeal Your Property Assessment (link to current forms)

Paying Your Property Taxes Under Protest


Property Tax Exemptions

Link to WA State Department Of Revenue Property Tax Forms


Levies and Taxes

Property Tax Limitations, Questions and Answers Publication

Procedures for Taxing District's to Increase Property Tax Revenue

State School Levy Property Tax Tip Sheet

Ordinance/Resolution Form

Levy Certification Form


Personal Property

Personal Property Publication

Personal Property New Listing Form


Current Use Programs

Current Use Farm & Ag Application

Current Use Open Space

Designated Forestland Application

Current Use Open Space Publication

Forest Management Plan Guidelines Publication

List of Foresters for Ferry County

Intent to Reclassify Form

Lease Agreement Form

Notice of Continuance Form