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Tax Foreclosure Parcels3 documents

20221 document

  • exhibit 1 2022.pdf AMENDED 2.pdf
    document _recordid 364

20232 documents

  • exhibit 1 2023.xlsx
    document _recordid 718
  • exhibit 1 2023.xlsx AMENDED.pdf
    document _recordid 767

Tax Foreclosure Sale Results3 documents

20212 documents

  • 2021 Tax Foreclosure Sale Results
    document _recordid 338
    document _recordid 347

2022No documents

20231 document

  • 2023 foreclosure sale.xlsx
    document _recordid 818

Resources2 documents

  • Foreclosure Rescue Scams Info
    document _recordid 339
  • Terms of Sale
    document _recordid 342

Forms1 document

  • Incoming Funds Report Form
    document _recordid 340
    County Departments who have funds being deposited into the county's banking account need to submit an 'Incoming Fund Report' form to the Treasurer's office for each deposit so that the funds can be distributed into the correct fund. Here is the form; email it to